Blockchain For Africa Fellowship is an initiative of the Africa Blockchain Alliance to foster connections between professionals, students and enthusiasts in Africa and professionals across the world to explore and work on various blockchain use cases. The fellowship promotes innovations built on the blockchain technology that will be used to solve key problems faced in Africa and around the globe.

With the drive for innovation across the world and a leading charge for the adoption of the blockchain technology, the best time to launch into what the blockchain technology has to offer is now. This technology has created a shift in the way businesses in every industry will be carried out as a result of all it has to offer, ranging from “trust” to “decentralisation. With the speedy adoption of the blockchain technology across nations {from test to implementation}, there’s a certainty that more trustworthy transactions will be carried out across the globe. This will bring about international relations and economic growth.

Over the past few years, discussions on blockchain technology, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have gained massive attention across the world.
The 2018 World Economic Forum had discussions on Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and others flood the airwaves. Blockchain Technology and its positive use cases was spoken highly of, applauded and gained a lot of attraction while varied reactions followed cryptocurrency discussions.
However, there’s still a gap for the development of potential use cases.

The aim of Blockchain For Africa Fellowship is to bring together these professionals to brainstorm on projects that will have them explore different blockchain use cases to solve problems. The projects will be aimed at specific purposes. They would either be given challenges or they choose their own challenges and develop them. The problems should be centered around the following objectives:
Solving African problems
Inter-Africa Integration (immigration, monetary policy, trade etc.)
Economic growth
Better health care
International Relationships
Cross-Cultural exchange
Promotion of peace