Gebeya Partners with to Launch a New Blockchain Academy in Africa

Gebeya Partners with to Launch a New Blockchain Academy in Africa

As Rising Demand for Outsourced IT Services Continue to Grow, Gebeya’s New Blockchain Academy Aims to Train 1,000 Africa-Based Blockchain Engineers By 2019.

According to A 2016 report from Research And Markets, Africa will be the go-to continent when it comes to outsourcing to IT markets globally. There’s a rising demand for IT-related services, specifically Blockchain engineers, which has prompted a partnership between Gebeya and  Through the partnership, Gebeya will offer Stellar-focused training curriculum to developers and executives, as well as work with its developers to build use cases for the Stellar Network. The partnership will help Gebeya produce the next generation of African Blockchain engineers, and establish  itself as an expert in the African Blockchain market.

About is a Silicon Valley based nonprofit organization that supports technical development of the Stellar network, a free, open-source Blockchain network that connects diverse financial systems and lets anyone build low-cost financial services— payments, savings, loans, insurance—for their community. The Stellar Network enables assets to move directly between people, companies and financial institutions, and across borders as easily as email. This inter-connectivity means greater financial access for individuals, lower costs for banks, and more revenue for businesses.

About Gebeya

Gebeya has been at the forefront of incubating Africa’s IT talent and matching highly skilled IT experts and software engineers to companies around the world. Gebeya’ s self-sustaining ecosystem does not only prepare talent for outsourcing purposes, but also imparts knowledge to prepare these individuals to become entrepreneurs for innovative startups in their own right. Gebeya is headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with a presence in Kenya, the US, and the UK. By the end of 2018, the Pan African Company plans to expand its area of operation to Francophone countries.

Objectives of the Blockchain Academy

The Gebeya and partnership will train the next generation of African Blockchain engineers. This partnership will help establish Gebeya as  an African market reference for Blockchain expertise in Africa. The collaboration will produce specialists in a plethora of fields within the Blockchain ecosystem. To kick start the training, Gebeya will handpick 10 individuals from Ethiopia and Kenya for its pilot training program, centered around Blockchain curriculum, with engineering and non-engineering tracks. The entire pilot training program will be completed in about a month. Over a one-year period, the Gebeya and partnership will aim to train 1000 Blockchain engineers in Africa.

The Academy

Gebeya will be a critical partner in implementing and integrating full-cycle software development needs that Stellar and other Blockchain companies will source for globally. The curriculum will comprise of engineering and non-engineering units. The curriculum will be project-based and will take on a practical approach to the real world. The academy will help non-engineers attain some level of expertise in Blockchain technology. For the skilled engineers, the academy will train them on the following,but not limited to Blockchain development related applications such as: smart contracts, cryptocurrency, crypto wallets, digital identity, sidechains, and protocols.

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