Satoshi Centre Joins Africa Blockchain Alliance

Satoshi Centre Joins Africa Blockchain Alliance




Satoshi Centre Joins Africa Blockchain Alliance

Gaborone Botswana, 9th June, 2018 — Blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology allows a network of users to keep a record of transactions. When compared to the traditional business models, Blockchain for business saves time, removes cost, reduces risk and increases trust. By using blockchain technology, businesses can benefit from a more efficient transfer of goods and services.


The Satoshi Centre; founder and coordinator of Botswana Blockchain Association, was founded in 2014 as a platform that would create awareness in blockchain technology in Botswana and around Africa.

The centre mainly concentrates on encouraging entrepreneurs to use blockchain technology to solve some of the main African problems. Since it was founded, the Satoshi Centre has successfully introduced blockchain technology to many entrepreneurs in the region, and it has created a community of Africans who are enthusiastic about blockchain technology and how Bitcoin can be used in creating programs to solve African problems.

Africa Blockchain Alliance (ABA) was founded in 2017 to equip each and every stakeholder with the best Blockchain education, acumen and tools to shape Africa’s future. ABA has partners in U.S.A, Senegal, Ethiopia, U.K, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and other locations. It aims. It regularly brings Blockchain stakeholders together in various African cities to educate, provide advisory and training services as well as building the largest community of blockchain enthusiasts on the continent.

The alliance will partner with the Satoshi Centre at the Botswana Blockchain Summit 2018 coming up from the 9th to 12th of June 2018 in Botswana. ABA is open to any entrepreneur or business owner looking for knowledge and understanding of blockchain.

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