Our Vision

To lead the charge in driving blockchain policy and deep understanding/adoption of blockchain in Africa.

Create an enabling policy environment and awareness of blockchain in Africa.


Our mission is to educate and network stakeholders in order to develop policy and promote the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Africa.

What is Blockchain

Blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology allows a network of users to keep a record of transactions. In layman's terms, a blockchain is like an “excel sheet” where each column and row (blocks) have records (words, numbers or whatever you put into an excel sheet) recorded. However unlike normal excel sheets and databases, this one is distributed meaning that it runs across multiple nodes (computers) and for a new block to be added, all the nodes have to agree or come to a consensus!

We bring Blockchain stakeholders regularly together in various African cities to educate them more on Blockchain, provide advisory and training services as well as building the largest community of blockchain enthusiasts on the continent.

Our Team

Ben Onuoha


Founder, Africa Blockchain Alliance

Director of Community, Africa Consensys

China Muoka


Co-founder, Africa Blockchain Alliance

Global Director, Talent Acquisition, Consensys

Amadou Daffe


Advisory Board Member

CEO and Co-founder, Gebeya

Ruth Dresselgn


Advisory Board Member

Africa Youth Panel Steering Committee African Union

Abubaker Mayanja


Advisory Board Member

Managing Director, ABL Uganda

Solomon Aiwerioba

United Kingdom

Advisory Board Member

Managing Partner, Encarta Consulting

Adeolu Fadele


Advisory Board Member

Founder, Cryptography Development Initiative of Nigeria

Vivian Ojo

Namibia | Nigeria

Advisory Board Member

Associate, Mckinsey and Co

Tawanda Kembo


Advisory Board Member

Founder and CEO, Golix and BitFinance

Marvin H. Coleby


Advisory Board Member

Founder, Raise

Michael Kimani


Advisory Board Member

Chairman Blockchain Association of Kenya & Cofounder, ChamaPesa